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Bryce Courtenay: Feature Interview

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Vibrant and Inspirational right to the end, prolific author, Bryce Courtenay was a true game changer. Just weeks before he died, Bryce gave this final interview. Celebrate his life and his legacy in this moving & final tribute to an extraordinary man.
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It was 1993 and I was living in Shanghai, China, when I watched "the Power of One" on a small television screen in a rural hotel, while having a respite stay during illness. It had been sometime since I had seen any western television and so the excitement was welcomed, whatever the film may be about. As I lay in the bed and watched this story unfold I became intrigued with one particular scene, and why it had stirred my feelings in a way that I had not needed to question before. Back in Australia, and struggling with the consequences of life in China, I caught a current affairs program introducing a guest named Bryce Courtney, the author of the novel, 'The Power of One'. I had a feeling of excitement wanting to know who he was and what that scene was saying to me. I went to a literary lunch where he was guest speaker and I spoke to him about thosee haunting words from the scene in the film. He said that I should read the book, there is much more, and discover the answers for myself. He signed my copy and finally the answer I needed would become the catalyst for my spiritual discovery , that in turn helped to heal my tormented and fragile mind. Thank you Bryce.  jann55 on Bryce Courtenay: Feature Interview

DECEMBER 27, 2013

I began with Jessica after watching the mini series, and have now read 17 of Mr Courtenay's 21 books. I have 19 of them, trying to locate the illusive two (Night Country and Recipe ... ). Jessica changed my whole thought process when it comes to reading. It is such a poignant book; I have read it at least 3 times and watched the mini series on DVD which I treasure about as many times. Matthew's Flinders' Cat is another brilliant book. Until now, I have never even contemplated owning an author's complete works. I really appreciate his penmanship and his style. A brilliant man whose books have come to mean so much to me.  PC_IN_BRIS on Bryce Courtenay: Feature Interview

DECEMBER 26, 2013

Fabulous interview which made me laugh and cry. I'll never forget how the Power of One touched me as a teenager and I wrote a letter to say thank you for inspiring me and fostering my love of reading. I was delighted to receive a personal hand written reply from Bryce. So sad to lose such an amazing and inspiring man. Thank you and RIP Bryce Courtenay!  Tarnet on Bryce Courtenay: Feature Interview

MARCH 4, 2013

I really enjoyed the Bryce Courtenay interview. I had the pleasure of hearing Bryce speak many years ago. I had read many books Bryce had written and was a huge fan and so was my mother who was with me. I was absolutely transfixed to the stage watching this amazing, inspirational and humble man who was larger than life as he spoke about his life and his stories. I spoke to Bryce after the seminar and asked him to sign a book for my mum who had cancer and he was most gracious and wrote a beautiful message to mum and was very happy to have a chat. He was so lovely and down to earth and when I got home I wrote to him to thank him for his time and the the lovely gesture to my mum who was my absolute hero. Bryce wrote back to me and sent me a copy of his book The Night Country with a handwritten message for me, which was so unexpected. I will always treasure this gift from an incredible man and I thank him for touching my life in so many ways and the adventures he has taken me on with his stories. Thank you Bryce, RIP and thank you for all you gave to the world!!!!  LeanneF on Bryce Courtenay: Feature Interview

MARCH 4, 2013

What a truly inspirational individual! What a great interview; I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you.  DJ on Bryce Courtenay: Feature Interview

MARCH 2, 2013

What a fantastic interview. What an amazing man. I had the pleasure of meeting Bryce in Launceston in September 2009. With a handful of other people we sat down and had lunch after he did a radio interview. I could have listened to him for hours. A truly inspirational man. I still haven't brought myself to read his last book, as I know then it is all over. I often get asked which book is my favorite, but it is like asking which of your children are your favorite, but if I had to pick one, it would also be Four Fires. Thank you Bryce for ALL that you have given us.  maritapm on Bryce Courtenay: Feature Interview

MARCH 2, 2013

What an inspirational man. Years ago I used to buy my father-in-law a Bryce Courtenay book every Christmas. How proud his boys would be. I can only wish I could have a portion of his amazing life experience. I loved this story, and god bless Mr Courtenay. Traci  traci65 on Bryce Courtenay: Feature Interview

MARCH 2, 2013

What an amazing gentleman. I have only heard of him since last year and I have listened to his interviews which have been inspiring. I am looking forward to read his books. His words are so brilliant as his mind. I have learnt that 'everyone has the right to be different' how true why be someone to please others to be the same. Antonietta Z  zanonl on Bryce Courtenay: Feature Interview

MARCH 2, 2013

Loved the interview with Bryce Courtenay. This man touched my life in many ways. After meeting him at a funeral in Dubbo NSW when I had called my children over he then made comment that it wasnt very often you here a child called Bryce. I explained that I had a love of his books and had named my son Bryce and my Daughter Courtenay. We stayed in touch for years in writing and when he came to Dubbo. He always told me to never give up no matter how hard life got dont ever give up. We would often catch up when he came to Dubbo just for a chat it was like having a best friend that you could tell anything to and never be judged. I looked up to him and it became known to both of us we had a lot in common. His last trip to Dubbo I was unable to make it to meet with him but got the nicest surprise when I got a letter (handwritten) and one of his books that was only more to inspire me and keep me going. I will treasure the friendship. And the fact that my 2 oldest Children are named after him. I was absolutely devastated when I found he had passed. It was like losing a best friend and the feeling of being lost kicked in till I found my inspirational book again with the quote inside dont you ever give up. Not a day goes past I dont think of him and look at my book along with the pics and know that he would be telling me to not give up that Im better then that. He was a man that always cared he never forgot the little people he was never better than anyone in any way. He was always so friendly and would stop and say hi even if it made him run late. Miss him every day  karencowper on Bryce Courtenay: Feature Interview

MARCH 2, 2013